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Vote on legislation that the U.S. Congress is trying to pass and get informed on the real issues that are at play in your government. Our app lets you browse and track current and past legislation in the U.S. House and Senate. It's time to let your voice be heard in Washington!

Please keep in mind The Swing Voter has just recently launched and is still in development.

We value your feedback!

Expressing your opinion on bills is now much easier than signing petitions or calling your senator.

The Swing Voter app lets you:

TSV is indeed easier than calling congress. Though, for the important stuff, its still a good idea. Fight on, patriot!

Take It Back

America is founded on the principle that the people control the government, not Congress. The Swing Voter provides the American people with a platform to reinstate the people's voice back into policy. Transparency. Accountability. Congress works for us, let's make sure they know it!

About Us

The Swing Voter is a U.S. company founded a few years ago by citizens with different political viewpoints. Some of us live in New York and some in Florida, and while we might argue, we are united by a belief that a neutral and informative platform is needed. Our mission is to restore power back to the people, and to host a platform for civil and kind discussion.


Q: So, are you trying to replace our Republic with a pure democracy?

A: No. A few people have been concerned that we have a hidden agenda, but no, we love and respect our Republic. TSV will never seek to change the constitution or replace our legislators. We are just an app that facilitates discussion between citizens and legislators. Your representative is still going to have the final vote on legislation, and have the job of crafting the legal language of the bills. Article I of the Constitution is fine the way it is.

Q: Is my vote private?

A: Yes. We will never sell that personal information. They will have to pry it from our cold dead fingers. All reports we generate are anonymous, summarized statistics. We would like to support fully private accounts that can only vote once on a bill and will be so anynymous even we won't be able to know anything.

Q: So you're going to be unbiased, really?

A: Yep!

A: Ok, in all seriousness, we realize it's a reputation we have to earn. Whether you are for or against a certain bill, it's in our interest to not hide it but put it up front where users can vote. We don't decide which way controversial legislation will go. As far as bill summaries, we try to stick to the basics -- like potential cost and a brief description. Sometimes we provide basic opposing and supporting viewpoints according to others, but we keep it short. We believe the less we say the better -- the rest is for YOU to research! News articles we feature come from all kinds of sources and viewpoints, so you have some diversity of opinion to choose from.