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America is founded on the principle that the people control the government, not Congress. The Swing Voter provides the American people with a platform to reinstate the people's voice back into policy. Transparency. Accountability. Congress works for us, let's make sure they know it!

What We Intend to Fix

“We the People” are not being heard. It seems our representatives are more concerned with connections to corporate lobbyists than actually representing the people. Let’s change that! The time is right and the technology is here! We can use this technology to make the government more transparent and get our voices heard!

About the App

The Swing Voter is a mobile app that educates you about what lawmakers are actually up to and how these laws will affect your life by allowing you to be involved directly with any given bill in Congress. Track current and past legislation in the U.S. House and Senate right from your phone. It is a completely unique, unbiased platform that guarantees it will not be swayed to the left or to the right.

How is this possible? The Swing Voter is already doing this by offering/building a platform that delivers the bills congress introduces right away and right to your phone. No more need to search for this publicly available information. We also tie relevant news articles from all sides of the media to these bills.

Now, by reading the bill for yourself, and comparing to the news, you’ll be able to cut right through the bias yourself. You’ll be able to read the actual bill text, along with government produced summaries, as well as our own simple-to-read summaries, that will help you to save time by skimming right to the bills that matter most to you.

The Swing Voter has even more features for you; to empower you! We have an option built in for you to express your own opinion. “Vote” your own opinion by pressing Support or Oppose. This information will be anonymously collected with all of the other people in your district and collectively sent to your congressional representative. Your representative will then be better informed as to how the people feel about certain issues/bills. We can then watch to see if our representatives are in fact representing us or not. We will be better informed as to whether or not to reelect them or elect a new representative. We also want to build a tool to help fund grass root candidates of your choice and have useful election and candidate information (a feature that is in development).

There’s even more...

What The Swing Voter is Planning to Accomplish

The Swing Voter has a long way to go, in a short period of time. The longer we wait on development of the app, the less of a chance of our voices being heard. It doesn’t help us to sit wondering about the future. It would be better to act upon a tool that would drive positive change in this nation. So with your help, here is how we plan on bringing power back to you:

Fundraising Goal

$1 million


40% Complete (success) 120K

We Need Your Help!

The Swing Voter is a company started by citizens for citizens. We are not funded by any lobby group, so we need your help. If the people in this country are going to see a difference, then we need to band together and make it happen.

This is our campaign to fundraise from the grass roots. We don't want to take big investment money that is tied to lobby groups, but in order for that to happen, we need your help.

About Us / What is TSV?





The Swing Voter, Inc. is a grassroots organization, that holds the mission of placing the government back into the hands of the people, providing government transparency, empowering the people to speak up on what government is doing, freeing candidates from corporate lobbyists by crowd sourcing support and campaign dollars, and cutting through the bias in our news. We are a team of people who care about the direction of where this nation is headed, and most importantly, who controls it. We are passionate about the foundation of the U.S Constitution, and upholding its values. The Swing Voter team is dedicated to the success of this great nation by bringing what is good; not only for us, but for our own children as well.

The Swing Voter stands for the very thing this nation needs. The exposure of truth! A line drawn in the sand. Setting an example for Congress that will show we are serious about what we believe, and we will not turn back from it. The organization stands by the principles of being a neutral-based platform for all Americans, providing truth, not bias and opinions. So it does not matter what party you are affiliated with. Here, there is no left or right, we are simply Americans allowing you to speak up on individual issues.

Features You will Fund / Needs and Features

So, you might say, what do you need my help for? What else are you trying to build? The Swing Voter is a new app and has a lot of exciting features designed and ready to be developed.

Your donation will help build:


The Swing Voter team puts a lot of time and effort to ensure you are receiving the latest updates, and are informed on the most important issues in your government. Most of our team is working alongside their full-time positions elsewhere, or aren’t getting paid at all. Some have drained their savings to support this effort in faith. Your donations will help fund the operations and resources needed to keep this app successful, and is very much appreciated.

Donate Today

Most of the people working on The Swing Voter are volunteers with other jobs. Help these local heroes make the transition to be fully funded so they may focus 100 percent of their time and energy giving you power and a voice. Every dollar you send will be spent on improving our beloved nation, whether you are 8th generation, 100th generation, or a recent immigrant.

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Q: So, are you trying to replace our Republic with a pure democracy?

A: No. A few people have been concerned that we have a hidden agenda, but no, we love and respect our Republic. TSV will never seek to change the constitution or replace our legislators. We are just an app that facilitates discussion between citizens and legislators. Your representative is still going to have the final vote on legislation, and have the job of crafting the legal language of the bills. Article I of the Constitution is fine the way it is.

Q: Is my vote private?

A: Yes. We will never sell that personal information. They will have to pry it from our cold dead fingers. All reports we generate are anonymous, summarized statistics. We would like to support fully private accounts that can only vote once on a bill and will be so anynymous even we won't be able to know anything.

Q: How do we know you will really be unbiased?

A: It's our bread and butter!

Q: How do we know you won't sell out to some big private investor?

A: You don't! But really, it's the last resort for a company like ours. We gravitate towards very small investors with strict conditions and no messy political ties. This is why donations are so VERY very important. Please, give whatever is on your heart today.